About Our Den

Our Den

Our den is the old Lindisfarne Guide hall (pictured below) located on the esplanade of Lindisfarne. We moved into the former guide hall in July of 2014 after Lindisfarne Guides merged into Howrah Guides. The Den is fully heated, complete with kitchen facilities, a large carpeted area and speaker system. If your group is interested in using our den, please email us for more information.



The new den

Front view of our current Den



History of our Dens

Our former den was the old St. Mark's Church, located on Kangaroo Bluff in Bellerive (pictured bottom). The Former Bellerive Scout Group began using the church as their hall in 1973. When the Scout group diminished in 2005, Eastern Shore Rovers took over the lease of the church. The Eastern Shore Rover Crew left this magnificent den in July 2014.

Old den
St, Mark's Church, (our old Den)

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About Us

The Eastern Shore Rover Crew was formed in the early months of 2001. It is now the only rover crew in the Clarence District as Lindisfarne Rovers merged with the crew during its inception.


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Eastern Shore Rover Crew
PO Box 992 Rosny Park, Tasmania 7018, Australia. (Checked weekly)